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Our technicians take great pride in the quality of work they deliver. Browse through some of the honest reviews left by Perth locals, people just like you!

I recently had an antenna installed on my investment property by Antenna Masters and was wrapped with the whole experience. I initially dealt with a young man in the office who was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He was honest with me straight away, declaring he was new to the business and still learning the ropes. Credit to him, he handled the process very professionally from start to finish, did not put a foot wrong.

The serviceman was great and the installation went as planned. The highlight was receiving a call from the young man in the office the day after the work was done to insure I was satisfied. Thanks for the great service, I would have no hesitation in recommending.

Linda B


Thanks guys for the new antennas you installed in our house. On time, neat and tidy. Top professional service. I will defiantly be recommending you to all the people I know. Cheers again!!!

Paul Swart - Brighton


I had exceptional service from Antenna Masters and would recommend them to anyone.

Glenn Buck - Gwelup


With reference to work carried out at my home office by your technician on April 23, I write to confirm how pleased I was with the level of service he provided. Not only did he turn up on time and do a good job, he also cleaned up after himself to leave no trace of him having worked there. This level of service is rarely found these days and Antenna Masters are to be congratulated on excellent working standards. I would recommend Antenna Masters to anyone.

B H - South Guildford


Just a quick note to let you know I recently had a new antenna installed by your company and that your service all round was excellent and very professional. The installation was at very short notice and you managed to fit into my limited time requirement. Thanks once again for an excellent job, the picture is great. All the best.

Ian S - Armadale


Just a quick thank you for the very efficient service that you have provided in installing the two TV points in my children’s bedrooms. If you would like to give J.M. a call, she is a good friend of ours and mentioned today that she wanted 2 TV points as well. I have told her to expect a call from you to arrange them. Once again ‘thanks’ and keep up the good work.

Boyd Nesbitt - Remax Associates


Thank you for being so prompt and also for only doing what was required

Lorraine Criddle - Associate Realty Executives


Dear Antenna Masters, a great big thank you & your team for the excellent job on our antenna. I can now ‘Channel Surf’ happily!



I recently had Antenna Masters to replace my antenna after those storms. From the lovely helpful girl on reception to the replacement man they were so courteous and helpful. Did the replacement promptly no mess no fuss. I would recommend them every time. Thank you all at Antenna Masters.

Joanna Hammill


Thank you for installing an extra point in the bedroom. Booking time and installation was done so quickly and the price was fantastic. The whole process was a great experience. I highly recommend your company

Kris Bailey

Lance was awesome. He was very prompt and on time. Thank you so much

Shauna Damnatti


Love Antenna Masters they are friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful to technologically challenged seniors.

Carolyn Jupp


I just wanted to say a big thanks to Alex, Cheryl and the rest of the team on another job well done. Timely service, quick and detailed reports on any issues encountered and of course friendly and attentive office staff make dealing with Antenna Masters such a positive experience. The team go above and beyond to meet my expectations, a reassuring trait in a time where business can be so impersonal and lacking in customer service. I won’t use anyone else in Perth, keep up the good work

Rhys Faires, Blackburne Property Group


This team knows what it's doing.

Mark DeFriest - Rockingham


Technician was quick to assess the issue and get the antenna installed in the roof space. He arrived nice and early in the morning, so I wasn't too late for work and he cleaned up after he was finished. TV signal has been perfect since. Very happy with the service provided.

Craig C


Your technician came out to the house and relocated the antenna and was very professional. I wanted to thank you for addressing the issue quickly and professionally. It’s a credit to your company

Darren Barton - Business Development Manager-Independent Mortgage & Finance Services


Just wanted to say how pleased I was with the service I received yesterday from your technician John (I think his name was-young guy). He had to make two trips and all the while was exceptionally polite, knowledgeable, and in the end, produced the goods beyond my expectations. That sort of service is becoming rare these days. Thank you very much

Peter Ruffell - Media Monitors West Perth


As I am signing off this Friday to have a baby, I would like to thank you for your support and fine service over the years

Jade L - Property Manager, The Property Exchange Subiaco


As your customer, we would like to thank you for your help in solving our problem. We now feel satisfied because everything is o.k. Thanks for the good service.

Phillip - Willeton


Your technician has provided prompt, professional, and most courteous service. Many Thanks

Keith K - Yokine


Fantastic Service.

R. Murphy - Mount Pleasant


Thanks for a great job at the Claremont Yacht Club. They are very happy

Wilma - Property Manager, Freedom Realty-Padbur

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Antenna Masters handle professional, corporate work?

Being in the industry for over 20 years, Antenna Masters have earned their reputation for quality. Operating from a professional Perth office base; Antenna Masters service residential, commercial and Government clients, from small to large systems.


Can I watch Foxtel from other rooms?

Yes, in most cases you can link your Foxtel box to other rooms, so you can enjoy Foxtel Programmes elsewhere in your home. Antenna Masters can provide further information and advice on this service.


Do you do Insurance repairs?

Antenna Masters' services and expertise are used extensively by major insurance companies. If your antenna is damaged or destroyed during storms and gales, the professional team at Antenna Masters can have you up and running again generally within 24-48 hours. In some cases Antenna Masters can invoice the insurance company direct.

How long does it take to arrange a TV antenna installation?

You will first need to contact the friendly team at Antenna Masters for an initial assessment and quote over the phone. You can speak to the team 7 days a week between 7am and 7pm to arrange assistance. In most cases you can receive assistance within 24-48 hours!


Antenna Masters are WorkSafe Safety Awareness accredited to ensure safety in all operations.


Antenna Masters are covered by the appropriate insurance to ensure your peace of mind when working in and around your home.


Antenna Masters' TV antennas offer heavy duty construction and durability, ensuring the best opportunity of resisting the ravages of Perth's weather.


An MATV system is an industry term for a Communal TV Antenna System (or Master Antenna System) servicing multi-residential buildings, apartments etc. This means a single antenna can service multiple rooms or apartments.


The cost of the solution depends on all your requirements as applications vary. Please contact Antenna Masters today to discuss your specific requirements and options. It is also important to keep in mind that choosing an antenna provider is more than just comparing prices, Antenna Masters offer so much more.


To ensure enhanced viewing quality with Digital TV reception, including access to the new high definition channels, it may be necessary to upgrade your antenna system because many existing antennas are not digital compatible. Antenna Masters can assess your current system and provide expert and cost effective solutions.

  • Contact Antenna Masters today to discuss your requirements and receive a quote
  • Book your antenna installation and arrange a date to carry out the work
  • The technician will answer any questions you may have
  • The antenna installation is then completed with a minimum of fuss


Do you provide a warranty?

All work carried out by Antenna Masters comes with a 'written 5 year Parts and Labour Warranty', ensuring a quality solution and service.


Yes, in addition to installing new TV antennas, Antenna Masters also install additional and convenient TV ports for the bedrooms, kitchen, granny flat, patio, kid's rooms, dad's shed, in fact almost anywhere you want to watch TV!


Just because your existing antenna isn't working; it doesn't necessarily need to be replaced. Many antennas can be serviced or repaired, often extending their life by many years and saving you money. Antenna Masters offer first class antenna services and repairs, even if you did not originally purchase your antenna from us.

How do I Retune My TV? 

Most set-top boxes or digital TVs will slightly differ although most will follow similar basic steps to retune:

  • Access ‘settings’ or ‘menu’ on your remote control
  • Look for the ‘retune’ option. This may be found in the ‘set up’, ‘channel’ or ‘store channels’. The retune option may also be named ‘re-scan’, ’replace’ or ‘store channels’.
  • Select the relevant option and your digital receiver should then automatically identify digital TV channels and store them in memory.


How Many TV Points Can Be Taken From One Antenna?

Whether in use or not, each TV point reduces the signal by approximately 8%. The desired signal strength is between 55 to 80 dB. If there are four or more points operating from the one antenna, the signal would likely fall below the required standard and an amplifier with power supply would be required to boost the signal


How do I change from analogue TV to digital TV?

You will need to buy a Digital TV or Digital Set Top Box and install a Digital compatible TV antenna system. For more information please view the Government information


A TV aerial is another name for a TV antenna. It is more common for people in Australia to call these TV antennas rather than TV aerials.


There are many potential causes for issues with Digital TV reception including: broken or damaged antennas or cables, electrical/electronic interference, unsuitable antennas and cables, problems with wall outlets, leads etc. Obstructions such as trees, buildings, hills etc. can also impact on signal quality. A qualified and experienced Antenna Masters' technician will assess your specific situation and provide expert and cost efficient advice.

  • Qualified & experienced professionals
  • Superior quality & service
  • Heavy duty durable products
  • After sales support & advice
  • Certified safety accreditations
  • Covered by insurance
  • Trusted & family friendly staff
  • Recommended service provider


What should I consider when choosing an Antenna Company?

The antenna industry is not regulated which means it is not accountable to a Government agency which monitors its activities. Regulated industries such as Electrical Contracting, Plumbing & Gas, Communications, Building and Construction etc. are all accountable for their activities to a Government appointed regulatory authority. So this highlights the importance of choosing a professional supplier with an established track record, and who will be around to offer support and advice in the future.


As with most industries; there is always an element that brings the industry into disrepute. In addition; there are those that drift into an industry where they believe a "quick and easy dollar" can be made, especially where Government decisions or other initiating factors come into play. Because the government has decided to terminate the current Analogue signal in 2013 leaving just the Digital signal, this will mean that, by this date everyone will need a Digital TV or Digital Set Top Box and a Digital compatible TV antenna. As we approach the "cut off" date for Analogue transmissions, demand for our services and products will gather momentum. This is exactly what will attract these "predators" who are looking to take advantage of the increased demand and tempt you with cheap but sub standard workmanship and materials. The Federal Government's recent Home Insulation Scheme and School Halls Programme is an example of this. We are seeing it already with many newcomers entering the industry with limited or questionable skills and undercutting prices by using inferior materials. You will also see these people offer unrealistic warranties that they may not be able to honour.

If an antenna provider gives you no information other than a price; MOVE ON. It's the things they are not telling you that count.

In summary; the things you should look for:

  • A demonstrated track record including a minimum 3-5 years continuous involvement in the industry
  • A physical address, not just a PO Box or mobile phone number
  • A business registration number, A.B.N or other means of demonstrating a legitimate business
  • An appropriate level of Public Liability Insurance
  • Appropriate Safety Awareness accreditation
  • A willingness to refer you to previous customers to assess their level of satisfaction
  • A minimum 5 year warranty which includes both parts and labour.
  • The size of the antenna measured in "elements". These are the components that make up the antenna. Generally speaking, the greater number of elements the more powerful the antenna.
  • The warranty; what does it include?
    • Is the antenna heavy duty?
    • Where multiple outlets are involved, does it include the splitter box? This is the device that "balances" the signal equally over all of the TV outlets ensuring equal signal strength and quality from each point. Others may use cable joiners which do not perform the same function.



  • Casual advertisements in local papers with just a first name and mobile number unless they can demonstrate and provide all of the above.
  • Businesses offering prices that are significantly lower than those being offered by established businesses.
  • Businesses offering warranties that are significantly longer than those being offered by established businesses.
  • Businesses offering warranties that bear little relationship to the price, i.e. providing a 10 Year Warranty for a $150.00 antenna.
  • Businesses offering substantially lower prices for "Cash" with no receipt. You just know they are not going to be around when you have a problem.